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Please contact site supervisor of any broken links. Any Link should be reviewed for content by parents for all rearing is different. So all though we liable our sites Family Friendly our Talk Shows Live we don't have ability to BLEEP person any fowl language.  So please review we are an Antiques and Collectibles Resale Co but cannot be liable for another Live brodcast behavior. Thank you 

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MR Alberto Fontaine
2 years ago

Ive been to all some 40 sites you own and operate and must say all though the sentence structure leaves allot to be desired your skill in advertising code writing and manipulation is very good, I cannot wait to see this site in full operation. Your ideas for the Game Shows and the Talk Radio and the Live Broadcasts are going to move your shop and sales to the font of the line. These FaceBook sales and Open Box themes are not enough to keep my attention let alone the small audience is killing the resale value because not enough people online to make the bidding legit. So don't do anymore pf those its beneath you and appears desperate stick with your creative side you know in your mind and feel it in your bones that your concepts for pretty much your own Steaming channel and Talk Show is the way to go. You are on the edge now just jump and you will love what happens next. MR Fontaine