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Advertising Interrupts:

Advertising interrups
At the start of advertising, the click rate is a bit higher, but it tends to a constant value after few weeks. Anyway, pauses make no sense, because the missing clicks from the pause are never compensated during the following adverdising periode. Better is to change the banner after each couple of months: The higher click rate appears also after a change, and the pause is missing.

Different banners for Social Media Platforms and More
Periodically one banner was included nine times, and another just once. Regardless which was applied only once, it got a higher click rate compared with the one applied nine times. However, the average click rate for both was not significantly different from one with only one banner. It's therefore not worth the effort.

Investigations on this site proved that the most important feature of a banner is the relation beween supplier and supplied goods. Most banners are just viewed and not clicked; so they should transfer this relation to the brains. Further capabilities are less important, and it will need a professional to improve the efficiency of a banner reasonably.

We can create several Banners and fit them to your Event , Holidays, Season. We will need to make three of each as to screen fit Phone, Ipad, Desk Top Charge will apply to 1 design with 3 banner sizes 468x120 /468x60/468x30

Advertising is boring!
The seller must pay for it, and the buyer must see it - both no exciting aspects.
But there is no better option
Without advertising sellers and customers even don't find each other. So advertising helps - not only the one asking money for it.

Click Rates:

Click rate
An important factor for the efficiency is the click rate, i.e. the ratio between clicks to the advertiser's site and number of pageviews. Dependent on the banner, on this site for each click 200 to 2000 pageviews are necessary. The prices for direct booking are set  to get the same profit like with Google advertizing. So the advertiser saves the third which Google asks. More interesting is that an Antique Shop  advertising Eateries around them other family fun things as well as Gas Stations and ATM Machines and that customer becomes more likely a customer after a click to a watch related shops and eateries than to move on to other sites. So click through is very important.